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The mission behind All American Citrus Foundation is to break the cultural stigma about the capabilities of people with Autism. Similarly, if you see a fruit that may look imperfect, remember, it's just different, not less. 

‘All American’ is the official nickname that pays tribute to the revered Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. This unique t-shirt design honors our cherished 82nd Airborne veteran, depicted in a graceful descent over our serene grove, with a puzzle piece canopy symbolizing solidarity with Autism awareness. In the wake of our veteran’s sudden passing on 11 March 2024, he now ascends to the role of our guardian angel, ever vigilant over our hearts and endeavors.
$5 from the purchase of each tee will go directly to All American Citrus' harvest this year. We hope that this tee will do three simple things: the first, bring a smile to your face as you think of the special guardian angel that is looking down on AAC and all the lives it touches. The next is to strike up a conversation about this incredible organization and all the wonderful causes it represents. Finally, we hope it encourages you and others you know, to purchase from this year's harvest and help Jack reach his goal of shipping to 48 states!

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