Hi! Welcome to Lemolade! We are so happy you're here!  We are Nikki and Morgan - friends from Evergreen Park, Illinois. Moms to three young kids each, "Lemolade" was how their kids said "lemonade."

Founded in 2021 on the Southside of Chicago, this business began with the goal of creating comfortable, classic clothes for our kids with positive messaging. We noticed that our kids loved the soft feel of certain tees and when paired with an optimistic, relatable message, they were met with smiles and happy vibes from friends and strangers alike. What we did not anticipate in those early days, was that that this would be just as true for adults! And who doesn't love comfort and smiles.

Here at Lemolade, we believe life is for celebrating - big and small moments alike. From birthdays to holidays to spirit wear and more, Lemolade has you covered.  We choose the most comfortable of garments and will never compromise quality. All products are printed locally and we strive to use products manufactured in the USA whenever possible.

Lemons to Lemolade

Life is bound to hand each of us lemons - and those lemons can be both sour and sweet. Here at Lemolade we celebrate those turning Lemons to Lemolade on a daily basis through our L2L initiative. 

Lemons to Lemolade (L2L) is how we champion causes that reflect our mission. Throughout the year, Lemolade will release limited-edition, Lemons to Lemonade apparel to celebrate organizations that embrace optimism, empower positivity and focus on turning life’s lemons into sweet Lemolade. Since our inception, Lemolade has donated over $22,000 to these amazing groups!

Thank you for stopping by!


Nikki + Morgan